Ed Catley has exhibited across the UK and internationally and has written several academic papers on a variety of Art & Design topics published by Shandong University, Jinan and Cumulus. Catley makes a contribution to the debate about formalism in contemporary fine art and explores the juxtaposition between ‘resolved’ optical experiences and ‘unresolved’ psychological responses. His work is held in permanent collections in Europe, North America and the Middle East.
‘An intelligent ‘post-abstract’ figuration that could not have existed before the information age.’ Printmaking Today, 2019


Jay, 2019
Jay, 2019 Relief Etching
Adam, 2018 2 Step Relief Etching
James, 2018 4 Step Relief Etching
Joshua (Mini Print) Relief Etching
Aaliyah, (Mini Print) Relief Etching
Edward (Mini Print) Relief Etching
Malcolm, 2014 Woodcut